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Junior Owner

Skilled Commercial & Residential General Contractor

You must do your due diligence when finding a general contractor to work on your property. Hiring the first name that comes up on an internet search might be subjecting your home or business to substandard work. So how do you determine whether a company is worth your time and money?

Experience is key. That’s why it’s important to find a home improvement company that has team members that have worked in their fields for a very long time. At The Carpenter's Touch, our founder is an experienced and dedicated craftsman himself, and only hires crew members who have the same dedication and experience.

Say Hello to Our Founder

Heriberto Garcia, Jr., first started working as a general contractor in the Carpenter’s Union. As a member of his brother’s construction company, Heriberto learned the proper way to install different components, including windows, doors and decks.

From these humble beginnings, Heriberto realized that he wanted his own business and started The Carpenter's Touch in 2004. From the beginning, our company has believed in quality service and installation methods. No matter what type of project you have – doors, decks, windows, roofing or siding – we are committed to ensuring that your experience is a positive one. That’s why we have such a solid reputation in the Livingston area among both businesses and residents, and why we have so many exemplary customer testimonials and referrals.

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No one wants to work with a company with staff members who don’t fully understand what they’re doing – or, worse, are not fully invested in the project. From our owner to customer service staff to installers, at The Carpenter's Touch, you’ll always be working with people who are completely dedicated to providing you with superior service. Get started by calling (973) 994-1085, or fill out our online form.