Simple Tips on Choosing the Perfect Exterior Color

Siding replacement involves some careful decision-making. This isn’t limited to choosing a durable and efficient material that can deliver effective weather protection and performance. You’ll need to consider the overall look of your new exterior as well. Making sure it sports the right color palette can further boost your home’s curb appeal. The Carpenter’s Touch, your premier siding contractor in Morristown, NJ, shares some handy tips on choosing the perfect exterior color for your home.

Simple Tips on Choosing the Perfect Exterior Co

Look to Your Neighborhood As a Guide

Take a slow drive around the community and note which colors are dominant, especially if the neighboring home has similar architectural style to yours. While this doesn’t mean you should choose the exact same color as your neighbor’s, it does give you an idea on which hues look best for your home. Just make sure that your exterior color is within community guidelines. After all, you’ll want a home that stands out while still without blending beautifully with the neighborhood.

Choose Colors That Are Traditionally Associated with a Specific Home Style

For instance, Colonial homes usually have white siding, while Spanish Mission use earthy reds, oranges, and browns for their exterior. If your own home has a more contemporary vibe to it, you’ll have more freedom with your color selection. It pays to turn to a pro like The Carpenter’s Touch, your trusted vinyl siding contractor in Morristown, NJ, for assistance as well. When you choose us for this home improvement project, our expert team will help you choose the right siding color for your home. You’ll have access to a broad range of hues and tones that help make a big impression from the curb.

Borrow Colors from the Surrounding Landscape

You can also get clues from the landscape itself when choosing the right exterior color. A home with a backdrop of large, leafy trees, for example, will look best with rich wood tones and sage green. Stone gray and blue is also a good combination for homes that has a rocky hillside for a landscape.

Aside from vinyl, The Carpenter’s Touch also carries James Hardie®. This option uses fiber cement, which offers superior resistance to weather conditions. James Hardie siding in Morristown, NJ, also comes in lovely, durable colors that last better than regular paint. This is possible with ColorPlus® Technology, which applies multiple, consistent coats to the siding material for added durability. Choose from warm, cool, and fresh color palettes. They make it easy to match your new siding with your home’s distinctive look.

The Carpenter’s Touch is the reliable home improvement company you can count on for your siding replacement. Call us today at (973) 994-1085 to schedule your consultation.

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