What Does It Take to Be a GAF Master Elite Contractor?

GAF Master Elite Contractors only make up around 3% of all the roofers in the country, and we’re proud to say that The Carpenter’s Touch is part of this exclusive group. But what does it take to be GAF residential roofing contractor?

Here, we discuss what it takes to be a part of the cream of the crop.

Valid License and Full Coverage

The basic requirement of a GAF Master Elite Contractor is a valid business license. GAF only wants contractors that can actually back up their claims and promises, and this is what the license signifies. A Master Elite Contractor must also have full coverage insurance of about a million dollars in liability. The insurance doesn’t just protect you; it also shows that the contractor is committed to protect its employees and subcontractors.

A Minimum of Seven Years in the Business

All GAF Master Elite Contractors should have a minimum of at least seven years working in the industry. Our roofing company has been in the industry for almost 20 years now, and our seniority means that we have years upon years of experience in installing, replacing, and recommending efficient roofing systems for homeowners.

A Better Business Bureau Rating

All GAF Master Elite Contractors should have a solid reputation and high credibility with the Better Business Bureau. What GAF looks for is a strong credit rating, a clean bank record, and an exemplary workmanship record. All Master Elite Contractors also should have a high satisfactory rating from their previous customers.

When it comes to roof replacement and repair, hiring a GAF Master Elite Contractor is always the smarter and better choice. For more information on what we can provide, give us a call at  (973) 994-1085. We offer our roofing services throughout Livingston, NJ.

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