What Makes Beechworth Windows Special

If you’re in the market for fiberglass windows, Beechworth Windows is one of the brands you should seriously consider. Its products embody the best qualities that have made fiberglass the superior replacement to beautiful, but flawed, real wood.

What Makes Beechworth Windows Special

Here’s why every discerning window and siding contractor, including The Carpenter’s Touch, loves Beechworth Windows:

Stronger Than Vinyl

The custom-built, fiberglass units maintain their rigidity and stability in extreme temperature changes. Products of Beechworth Windows are 15 times more durable than their vinyl counterparts. They expand and contract very little, and won’t bow or crack, allowing them to preserve their airtight seal over time. The fact that they beat vinyl products in the longevity department means they increase the time between replacement projects.

Much like choosing James Hardie® siding, turning to Beechworth Windows for window replacement is practically a one-time investment. You may never have to buy new units again with these sturdy and beautiful fiberglass windows.

More Energy-Efficient Than Competitive Products

As a natural insulator, fiberglass’s ability to reduce heat transfer is on par with wood and vinyl. But with Beechworth Windows’s innovative glass packages, you can take your home’s energy performance to new heights. Its high-performance glazing options meet our local climate’s ENERGY STAR® requirements, providing wonderful benefits for solar radiation, heat conduction, ultraviolet (UV) protection, leak reduction and daylighting.

Wider Selection of Customization Options

Any fiberglass window and vinyl siding contractor would attest that Beechworth Windows are customizable to the last detail. Its products give the freedom to explore an array of exterior and interior color combinations, and grille options. It offers stunning hardware finishes too. Designed to work with high-visibility screens, you can keep the bugs out while enjoying maximum ventilation and a vibrant view.

Harness the best of Beechworth Windows with The Carpenter’s Touch. Call us at (973) 994-1085, or fill out our form to talk about your needs and get an estimate in Morristown, NJ.

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