4 Common Roof Styles and Their Unique Features

While your priority for your next replacement project should be the material for your roofing system, you should never forget about the style of the actual structure. Apart from establishing the looks and architectural style of your home, it also plays a key role in how it performs against the weather.

Common Roof Styles

In this post, The Carpenter’s Touch shares the unique features of four of the most common roof styles.

1. Flat Roofs

This roof style is fast becoming one of the most popular roof replacement styles – even rivaling the standard gable or pitched roof. It’s the ubiquitous roof for contemporary and modern architecture, and despite its name, it’s not completely flat. Most flat roofs have a low slope that still allows water to run off their surfaces. These roofs are made of rubber or membrane materials, with the three most popular being TPO, PVC and EPDM.

2. Gable Roof

This is the most common roof style and is easily recognizable by its triangular shape. This is the gable, which is formed when two pitched areas meet at a point. Gable roofs are the easiest to maintain as they lack the hips and valleys that are very difficult to maintain. A gable roof is usually made of wood shake, asphalt and metal.

3. Saltbox Roofs

This is the quintessential roof style in New England and Northeastern states, and is also one of the few asymmetrical designs. Because of its asymmetry, it is naturally wind resistant as the roof disrupts airflow.

Like the gable roof, it’s made of classic roofing materials, such as cedar shake, asphalt and slate. That said, the unique architectural design of the roof also allows you to install heavier roofing materials like slate and tile.

4. Gablet

Also known as the Dutch Gable, it’s essentially a combination of a gable and a hipped roof – with the gable part on top of the hipped portion. This unique mishmash of roof designs makes the lower portion of the roof easier to access with the benefit of natural light and extra attic space.

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