Busting Common Myths About Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber-reinforced cement has been around since the late 19th century. Today, it’s one of the most prevalent siding materials, thanks in part to being popularized by James Hardie® siding systems. Despite its rich history of strength, durability and longevity, this material is still quite plagued by common misconceptions.


It Lasts Forever

You’ll often hear this myth in the spiels of an unscrupulous siding contractor. First, it’s true that fiber cement materials can last longer than any other material available today. However, they are not everlasting. It might take generations before your fiber cement siding shows signs of wear and tear, but it will still need to be replaced eventually.

It Contains Asbestos

Ludwig Hatschek, an Austrian inventor, used asbestos fibers to create the very first fiber-reinforced cement materials. However, once asbestos was prohibited in the 1970s, manufacturers made the switch to safer cellulose fibers to mix with their fiber-cement products. Today, you won’t find a single fiber cement siding that contains asbestos.

It’s Not Cost-Effective

The biggest selling point of any vinyl siding contractor is that their options are much more affordable than fiber cement siding. There is some truth to this as HardiePlank® definitely belongs in the higher price tiers. However, if you consider the value of its long lifespan, its almost negligible maintenance needs and the protection it provides your family, you’ll find that it offers a far smaller cost-benefit ratio than any other “cheap” option.

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