Everything You Need to Know About Ridge Cap Shingles

High-quality roof shingles and proper roofing installation are essential to the longevity of your roofing system. But if you want to maximize your roof’s performance and its lifespan, you have to ensure all bases are covered – including the roof ridge.

Everything You Need to Know About Ridge Cap Shingles

How Do Ridge Cap Shingles Differ From Regular Roof Shingles?

Ridge cap shingles are specifically designed to fit the ridges of roofs. That’s why they are typically pre-bent and thicker than regular roof shingles, which tend to crack when folded over the ridge. The form of the ridge cap shingles also makes them more efficient in shedding water and debris.

Additionally, ridge cap shingles have more adhesion and a thicker nailing area when compared to regular shingles. These qualities prevent blow-offs and tears near the nailing hole.

Ridge Cap Options From GAF

GAF is the largest manufacturer of roofing materials in North America. For ridge cap shingles, GAF has two main product lines that you can choose from: standard and premium. Standard ridge cap shingles offer a high-quality and cost-effective alternative to cut-up strip shingles. The options available from this line are Seal-A-Ridge®, Z®Ridge, and Seal-A-Ridge ArmorShield™.

Meanwhile, GAF’s Premium ridge cap shingles are known for adding a dramatic and protective finishing touch to new roofs. This line includes TimberCrest™, Timbertex® and Ridglass®.

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