The James Hardie HardieZone® System

North America has such a diverse range of climatic conditions that for a nationwide siding company like James Hardie®, coming up with siding that suits local climates sounds difficult – difficult, but not impossible. As a siding contractor certified by James Hardie, The Carpenter’s Touch is proud to offer siding made with the HardieZone® System.

The James Hardie HardieZone® System

The HardieZone® System

James Hardie developed the HardieZone System as a way to fulfill the need for siding that works with the local climates. They knew that a single siding product won’t work in all climates – what may be optimal for cold northern climates won’t likely give the same result when installed on homes in warmer southern climates.

The HardieZone System was developed with eight climatic factors that contribute to siding performance, which led to James Hardie identifying 10 climatic zones. After further development, these ten zones have enough distinct qualities that eventually led to two distinct zones: HZ5™ and HZ10™. James Hardie siding and other products are then distributed to siding contractors according to the zones they’re in.

HZ5™ Zone

Northern New Jersey is designated within the HZ5 zone, where the homeowners experience cold days more than warm ones. HZ5 siding is optimized to enhance exterior wall insulation, which helps prevent heat loss. Combined with adequate insulation and energy-efficient windows and entry doors, James Hardie siding in the HZ5 zone can help you save on your energy costs. A special coating on the outer face helps minimize the effects of freezing temperatures, such as warping, cracking and moisture absorption.


James Hardie products designed for the HZ10 zone are designed for exposure to warm and humid climates, which include high winds, scorching heat and torrential rains. The outer face is designed to resist the effects of such conditions, preventing problems like blistering, warping and cracking. Homes in coastal areas can also benefit from its resistance to salty sea air and hurricane-force winds.

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