Tips on How to Pick the Right Siding Color

James Hardie® offers a wide selection of siding colors that will fit any home color palette. Residential roofing contractor The Carpenter’s Touch shares some tips on how to choose the right siding color for your home.

Tips on How to Pick the Right Siding Color

Check the Neighborhood Colors

Many neighborhoods have a range of colors that is enough for you to choose a color that makes your home stand out but not to the point where it does so like a sore thumb. Drive around the neighborhood for a couple of blocks and pay attention to the siding colors, and how it’s paired with the roof colors. The more varied the neighborhood colors are, the more flexible you can get with siding colors.

Your Home’s Architectural Style

Certain architectural styles have specific color palettes that need to be adhered to, otherwise breaking tradition would look odd and inauthentic. Popular examples include Mediterranean architecture, with its terracotta roofing and stucco siding. You can evoke this look with off-white or light yellow lap siding, which is similar to traditional stucco.

Your Home’s Size

The siding color can affect your home’s visual volume. Light colors take away the emphasis from certain features, while dark colors draw attention. This means dark siding can over-emphasize a large house, creating a gloomy exterior.

Your Roof Color

If your roof is not up for replacement yet, take it color into consideration when choosing your siding color. After all, siding and roofing make up most of your home’s exterior color palette. If you are doing a complete exterior remodel, including roof replacement, you’ll be glad to know that James Hardie siding lasts as long as — if not longer than — most types of roofing systems. Combined with its exceptional durability, low maintenance requirements, and ColorPlus® Technology, you can choose the exact siding color that your home deserves, without compromising on performance.

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