What Should Be Included in Your Roofing Contract

Planning a roof replacement doesn’t just happen overnight; it’s a painstaking process that requires attention to details. You’ve got to talk to a licensed contractor, pick the right material and prepare your home for the upcoming project. The Carpenter’s Touch, your premier residential roofing contractor, discusses the things that your estimate and contract should have.

What Should Be Included in Your Roofing Contract


A re-roofing project isn’t the same for every home. Its extent differs depending on the material, slope and size of the structure. Be realistic when setting your target dates. Consider the said factors and the weather. Remember that your roofers will work better when the temperature is neither too warm nor too cold.

Details About the Materials

Your contract should include the information about your roofing system. It gives a complete summary of what to expect on the new material. At The Carpenter’s Touch, we install top-quality shingles from GAF. They are guaranteed to last long because of their weatherproof features. You can also choose from the many color options to enhance your home’s curb appeal.


In this section of the contract, you’ll find the daytime hours your contractors plan to be working, installation method and safety precautions. Our team will finish the job according to schedule and secure your property while they’re at it. We specialize in all aspects of carpentry, so we can provide expert roofing solutions


You wouldn’t want to deal with surprise expenses when your new roof begins to deteriorate before its expected service life. A strong warranty protects your investment from botched installation or defective materials. Make sure that it is specified in the contract before the construction starts.

When it comes to operational excellence and quality, The Carpenter’s Touch is the name you can trust. We offer professional roof replacement services that meet the standards of the industry. Our crew ensures proper installation the first time, so you’ll have the peace of mind. To learn more, give us a call at (973) 994-1085. We serve residents of Livingston, NJ, and other nearby areas.

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