Why Tear-Offs Are Necessary for Roof Replacement

Re-roofing is the practice of installing a new roof without removing the old one. While it is legal in the State of New Jersey after certain conditions, you’re not giving your home the care that it deserves with this option. Here’s why tear-offs are necessary for roof replacement.


Some roofing contractors offer re-roofing as an option to cut down the roofing installation costs. It eliminates the labor and disposal costs for the old roof, it shortens the installation time, and it arguably has environmental benefits because no waste goes to the landfill.

As mentioned, it’s allowed here under certain conditions. For example, the manufacturer should specifically state that the new roofing material is suitable for re-roofing. There are also conditions that prohibit re-covering, such as when the roof is structurally unsound or if the existing roof features slate, clay, cement or asbestos-cement tile.

Advantages of Roofing Tear-Offs

A credible roofing contractor will recommend a complete tear-off, down to the decking material. A clean roof installation offers the following advantages:

  • It Allows Structural Problems to be Repaired – Removing the old roof allows the roofing contractor to find problems, such as moisture damage, and address them before installing the new roof. This makes the new roof more durable.

  • It Keeps the Roof Light – One roof on top of another will put a massive strain on the roofing structure, which may collapse if it already has existing structural issues.

  • It’s Less Likely to Get Damaged by Wind – Roof fasteners are intended to be driven through the roof deck. Using the same fasteners through two roofing layers will result in a too loose outer layer that’s easily damaged by high winds.

  • You Can Expect Better Performance – Many roofing manufacturers do not allow their products to be installed over existing roofs, and for good reason. They can’t guarantee that the roof will perform as designed if unnecessary components – that is, the old roof – are included.

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