3 Reasons Winter Is a Good Time to Remodel Your Basement

Scheduling remodeling projects at the right time can ensure their success. Some projects are better suited for warm seasons, and others, like basement remodels, are best done during the colder months.

Remodel Your Basement

The Carpenter’s Touch, the leading James Hardie® siding contractor and home remodeler, shares the top three reasons to do so:

More Convenient Scheduling

It’s easier to schedule work in winter, especially if it involves painting, flooring, lighting and plumbing. This frees up most contractors’ schedules for interior projects like a remodel. You’ll also find that during winter, your contractor may have more time to work in the planning and designing of your project. This allows you to refine the details before any work begins.

Weather Constraints

As an expert vinyl siding contractor, we know the warmer months of spring and summer are the best times to work on exterior projects like roofing or siding replacements. This is because the agreeable weather allows contractors to comfortably work outdoors without any delay. In winter, however, the snow and freezing temperatures can cause different problems for construction teams, so we recommend interior projects instead.

Permit Approvals

Regardless of the size and scope of your remodeling project, you’d have to secure several permits before you can proceed with construction. This process can usually take weeks, but since government agencies are less busy in winter, it may be easier and quicker to obtain the necessary documents.

Need an expert remodeler? Look no further than The Carpenter’s Touch. We also offer quality exterior remodeling services like replacements with our quality James Hardie siding. Call us today at (973) 994-1085 to learn more about our services. We serve Morristown and the surrounding New Jersey communities.

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