4 Exterior Color Schemes for a Warm and Welcoming Home

The right exterior color scheme can say a lot about you as a homeowner and gives your home a personality. Depending on your grasp of the color wheel, it can be a difficult task to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You need to use the right color scheme to pull it off successfully.

Exterior Color Schemes

The Carpenter’s Touch, your local James Hardie® siding contractor, lists four exterior color schemes that will establish this inviting ambiance.

1. Ivory, White and Aqua

These are three “symmetrical” color schemes that are among the most popular ones for both traditional and more modern homes. It evokes a sense of elegance, architectural heritage and formality that brighter color schemes can’t replicate.

Another great benefit of this color combo is how it softens its surroundings. For the aqua color, we recommend using it to “spotlight” and accentuate details on your home’s facade, such as the main entry door.

2. Apricot, Green and Peach Cream

As a vinyl siding contractor, this palette is one of our favorites. This combination is a popular choice for homeowners looking to add siding as a way to improve their home’s aesthetics and curb appeal. Subtle is what best describes this color scheme, making it a great choice for more traditional homes since the shades all come from one color family. It’s also the easiest to apply as you can tell which color goes where very easily.

3. Gray and Yellows

The unconventional pairing of canary yellow and soft grays are growing in popularity in contemporary and ultra-modern homes. We recommend a predominantly gray facade and exterior with highlights of the canary yellow. The saturated yellow shade emphasizes the neutral tone of gray, allowing it to stand out and make a statement.

4. Olive Green, White and Oak

This is the quintessential color scheme for the traditional Craftsman-style homes, with the darker and earthy tones making the house’s intricate architectural details pop. Because white is a muted color, the oak and olive green hues are the focus of your home’s exterior and facade due to the contrast.

We offer a wide selection of attractive and durable James Hardie siding systems for your home. Let our team help you pick the right system and color scheme today. Contact us at (973) 994-1085 to learn more about our exterior and siding services. We serve homeowners in Morristown, NJ, and nearby areas.

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