Practical Reasons to Choose Cedar as Replacement Siding

Cedar is a popular material for cabinetry, but it makes superb siding, too. While it’s not without its drawbacks – like any other cladding option – there are many practical reasons to cover your exterior walls with it.

Practical Reasons to Choose Cedar as Replacement Siding

In today’s post, The Carpenter’s Touch, siding contractor extraordinaire, shares a few things cedar does best:

Adding to Curb Appeal

Any architecturally savvy contractor would recommend wood, specifically cedar, for a touch of Old World elegance. Traditional homes generally have a wood-clad exterior in different beautiful styles, such as shakes, shingles and board and batten.

You don’t have to use wood to achieve a wood-like home exterior for impressive curb appeal, though. Fiber cement is one of the materials that realistically resemble wood; James Hardie® siding products are great examples. However, nothing beats the original on many levels. Authentic wood siding can increase your home’s value and preserve its architectural integrity.

Outlasting Other Wood Options

Unlike other wood species, cedar has a solid reputation for lasting longer. It tends not to hold a lot of moisture, allowing it to maintain its stability with years of seasonal rain. With proper maintenance, cedar can measure up to the rigors of nature.

Providing Excellent Insulation

Any wood and vinyl siding contractor would attest that cedar is an excellent insulator. It can contribute to your home’s complete thermal enclosure system, reducing the transfer of heat to trim your energy costs all year long. Plus, it offers outstanding noise abatement, letting you enjoy peace and quiet.

Going Back to Nature

When it comes to sustainability, cedar is on top. It’s biodegradable, causing no harm to the planet at the end of its service life. Also, cedar trees grow rather quickly to minimize the impact of timber production on the environment.

Is cedar the perfect replacement siding solution for your home? Learn how it stacks up against other sought-after materials, such as fiber cement and vinyl, with The Carpenter’s Touch. Call us at (973) 994-1085 now to get an estimate in Morristown, NJ, or fill out this form.

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