Tips on Choosing Siding Colors

The Carpenter’s Touch is the leading siding contractor in the local area because we provide top-notch service to every customer while delivering quality renovation services at a competitive price. We can install a wide range of beautiful siding options from different manufacturers, including James Hardie®. Today, let us share tips on choosing siding colors that can complement your home:

Prioritize Neutral Colors

Your house color will determine your choice, so you need to match your house colors with your siding colors. We recommend studying the color wheel and learning about some basic color principles. For instance, you can achieve color harmony by using a color scheme based on analogous colors, complementary colors, and nature-based colors. Analogous colors are any three colors that are next to each other on a 12-part color wheel.

Complementary colors are any two colors that are directly opposite each other on a 12-part color wheel. As a top vinyl siding contractor, we recommend using neutral shades to highlight your home’s beauty.

Consider Roof Color

Your roof will last long, anywhere between 20 and 30 years. That means the roof’s color should be key to your choice. A more neutral hue will provide you with more choices when it comes to complementing your exterior.

Take Architectural Style into Account

The architecture will be a big factor, as well. If you have a more traditional style, such as a Colonial, we recommend a plain white hue for your siding. Other home styles that evoke a more modern feel will give you greater freedom for your siding color.

Our James Hardie siding, vinyl siding, and cedar siding can enhance your home’s appearance and improve curb appeal. During our initial consultations, we will discuss our various siding options and recommend the best products for your home. We serve many communities in NJ including Morristown and the surrounding areas. Call us at (973) 994-1085 to learn more about choosing the best siding colors. You can also ask for an estimate.

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