Tips on Matching a New Roof With Your Current Exterior

Your roof is one of the most visible and important parts of your exterior. If you want your home to look good, then your roof should match your siding and the rest of your house. Today, The Carpenter’s Touch, an expert roof and siding contractor, will explain how to match a new roof to your exterior:

Tips on Matching a New Roof With Your Current Exterior

Observe Your Neighborhood

Take into account the rest of your neighborhood and their color schemes and house designs. For instance, if you live in a neighborhood with conservative and traditional homes, then choosing a roof color that’s dark or neutral is appropriate. You don’t want your house to stand out in a bad way.

Take Your Home’s Style Into Account

Next, think about your home’s specific architectural style, and choose a roof that fits that style. For example, Colonial homes used to have wood shake roofs. As an experienced roof and vinyl siding contractor, The Carpenter’s Touch recommends asphalt shingles that mimic the appearance of wood shake.

Use Online Tools

Take advantage of technology when it comes to research. Some roofing manufacturers offer online tools that will help you visualize what your new roof will look like once installed. You just have to submit a photo of your house and then use the tool to preview the appearance of the various shingles the manufacturer offers.

Ask for Color Samples

Ask a trusted local roofing contractor like us for samples of the shingles you plan to install. Take these samples, and observe their appearance during various times of the day. Colors may look different depending on the amount of sunlight that’s present. In addition, hold the sample next to your siding, and see how it looks. This will give you an idea of the finished product.

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