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3 Roofing Danger Signs You Should Know

Being proactive when it comes to roofing inspections is essential. It helps to have this kind of mindset to keep your roof in the best possible shape for the longest possible time. Doing so also prevents you from getting caught with sudden, costly repairs. Ideally, roof maintenance is done twice a year, often before and after the seasons deemed most detrimental to your roof’s performance.

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The Top Risks of DIY Roof Repair

The Top Risks of DIY Roof Repair

Performing repairs around the house can bring a high level of satisfaction. That, along with the estimated low cost, tempts homeowners to repair problems around the house by themselves. While there are several maintenance projects you can do on your own, repairing the roof should not be one of them. The Carpenter’s Touch, the premier residential roofing contractor, discusses why: